Adapting to curveballs in the business word

Today is April 26th, 2020. We’re beginning to emerge from lockdown as a country as part of our response to the Covid19 pandemic.

One thing to notice is that there will be conditions to many businesses as they opening. These are also known as the rules. These are extremely useful to both the business and the customer as it allows both parties to make sound decisions on whether to continue to work together.

If you ever wanted to know about where the term “curveball” comes from, look no further than Candy Cummings. He was a pitcher for various baseball teams in the early 19th century. He came up with a great innovaton to fool the best hitters of the day. When he pitched the ball, it looked like it was going to arrive in the strike zone, but it tailed away at the last moment. The result was only the best hitters could hit a curveball, and the game of baseball was changed forever.

You as a business owner will be seeing your fair share of “curveballs” in the upcoming months. The question is will you be flexible enough in your strategy to survive them?