Aug 07

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast 0 Comments

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As a business strategist it seems strange for a business strategist to say that strategy is not the most important thing in business, but it simply isn’t. You may have the best strategy in the world, but if your business or organization has a lousy culture, then you are simply banging your head against the […]

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Sep 04

Watching Sport is Huge Waste Of Time….Or Your Greatest Teacher 0 Comments

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I often laugh at how “busy” people (I hate how most people are always so busy..but that’s for another post) can find so much time to watch sports on tv. They root for their team and question calls that go against their team. There are so many business lessons to be gained from high level professional sport. But, you need to […]

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Oct 01

When Your Networking Is Not Working 0 Comments

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When did you learn to network effectively? Elementary school? High school? College? Chances are you probably didn’t receive much networking education. Most schools will tell you that networking is the most effective activity you can do for your business and career. And then they’ll tell you to go out and network. No wonder most people […]

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