People in my life ask me why I spend so much time going to music concerts. It’s because there are so many valuable lessons that we can take from top performers who are able to practice excellence in front of huge crowds day in day out.

  1. Be strategic. One of the greatest concerts of all time was Queen at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1986. Unllike a lot of the other artists performing that day, Queen prepared to deliver the show of their lives. They segued their hits together in a way that transcended music.
  2. Teamwork. This is pretty obvious but bears repeating, teams working in harmony both front stage and backstage make a concert a great experience for the concert goer.
  3. Executing despite immense pressure. The Beatles, the greatest band of all time, had immense pressure as twenty-somethings, yet they still delivered all the way until “Abbey Road”, this final album. George Harrison, who contributed two amazing songs to the album, was 27 years old when The Beatles broke up. He and the other Beatles had achieved all that pressured success when they were in their twenties.

I love it when great bands and acts don’t settle for good, but they strive for excellence. Another great example is Bruce Springsteen who at 70 still performs to close to 4 hours to deliver the ultimate concert experience for his adoring fans.

What are you selling for in your business?