You probably know who Gary Vaynerchuck is, but if you don’t, Google him now and watch a couple of videos. He is the founder of WineLibraryTV and Vernermedia. He’s outspoken, opinionated, you should definitely listen to him, but please don’t try to be like him. Gary is a unique individual wit incredible drive (“Hustle” as he calls it).

  1. He doesn’t hold back. He doesn’t filter his opinions. He realizes he is not for everyone, but those who are in his target market adore him.
  2. He’s amazing at promoting his brand. He is his brand and he is relentless in promoting it.
  3. He delivers great advice that is immediately actionable.
  4. He shares his why. All the time. Gary has made no secret that he wants to own the NY Jets football team one day. This is a big, hairy audacious goal that speaks to the size of his vision.
  5. He produces timeless content.

Why is this useful for a business owner? It lets you know exactly whether or not your potential clients and customers are a good fit for you.

Now the disclaimer here is that you and not Gary V, nor should you want to be Gary V! You need to be you, and bring more of “you” to the the world.

  1. Do you hold back what is special about the work you do? What can you do to communicate this with your audience?
  2. What is your brand, and how do you promote it in every piece of communication that you write?
  3. What immediate actions could you take today CLICK HERE for my free immediately actionable eBook.
  4. What is your “why”? If you’re unsure, watch this Youtube video.
  5. What content can you produce that will be timeless and support your business one year, five years and ten years from now?