FINISH STRONG, be the exception and make 2020 the year you moved your business forwards.

“Everything ends; you just have to figure out a way to push to the finish line.” – Jesse Itzler

As we head into the fourth quarter of the year, its probably safe to assume that things in your business didn’t go the way you’d planned them on January 1st. You’re not the only one, and it’s certainly nothing you had much control over. However, you can definitely finish the year in a strong position and head into 2021 ready and able to blow your business goals out of the water.

“Last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

Introducing a 10 week coaching program, personalized to you, your business, and where you are at RIGHT NOW.

This coaching program is not for everyone, it’s for business owners and leaders who want to stand apart and take full control of their business’s destiny, regardless of what is happening in the environment.

“You’ve got to be able to finish out the season on a strong note.” – Paul Pierce

When you sign up for this program today, you will receive:

3 One hour monthly group coaching Zoom calls giving you strategy, tactics and expert advice to grow your business.

These Zoom calls will cover:

1) October 12th 11:00am ET: Your personalized action plan for Q4 2020.
2) November 9th 11:00am: Your personal execution strategy to get your results.
3) December 14th 11:00am ET: Planning for 2021 – be in the ideal place as you head into the New Year fully prepared for whatever yi may bring.

We will cover the things you need to for success, how to build pipeline of ideal clients, how to work smartly and maximize your time, and how to focus on what will bring you

You will also receive 3 forty-five minute monthly individual coaching calls that will give you an action plan as well as built in accountability to achieve your business goals.

“That’s one thing you learn in sports. You don’t give up; you fight to the finish.” – Louis Zamperini

Bonus #1: Receive a free workbook where you will have your unique success blueprint outlined, a vision and a mission for your business as well as a profile of your ideal client.

Bonus #2: Receive PDF copies of 3 of Dennis’s business books, including the #1 Amazon business book “Seven Success Strategies For Small Business”.

Bonus #3: Access to the “Finish Strong” Telegram Forum where you can ask questions, and get advice instantly from Dennis and other group members.

All of this for the ridiculously low investment of $349 (regularly $799). Why am I doing . Despite all that happened in 2020, my business is in a strong place. I was fortunate to have strong partnerships that helped me not only survive but thrive. During the year I received excellent business advice from my own business coaches and mentors. I want to pass on this advice to you so that you can not just survive, but thrive during 2021.

Extra Bonus: you can turn your investment into 10 weekly coaching calls for the unbelievable investment of only $699 (Regularly $1349). You get access to the whole “Finish Strong” program, as well as a weekly check in to keep you on track and ensure that you end the year where want to be. This bonus is ideal if you have big changes or big ideas for your business, but you are finding it challenging to implement them. These calls will give you a clear strategy for the 4th quarter, get you unstuck quickly, and you will have a weekly action plan with built in accountability.

The “Finish Strong” program is limited to only 10 participants, so act fast to claim your spot today.

If you want more information, or want help signing up with the program call me on 508 505 6327.